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30 November 2012

Sandra Edwards: The Memory Bouquet

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What a con - it isn't a novella but a prequel
The book description says that it is a short novella. What a con - it isn't a novella but a very short and (IMHO) not very good prequel for "The Lonely Hearts Club" (still to be released). If you write a prequel then the real book or series should be available or coming soon. I got this so called novella in March and would have forgotten everything about it by now if I was interested in the real book (which I am not).

In my view a novella is a short stand-alone novel around 75-100 pages.  They test the author's skills in being able to write a complete and satisfying story within the page limitations and I have read a couple of really good ones lately. This "novella" is just a jumble of introductory chapters that didn't even whet my appetite for more.

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