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21 November 2012

Russell Blake: Fatal Exchange

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A turbo-charged thriller
Fatal Exchange is yet another great page-turning, turbo-charged thriller by Russell Blake.

Here are some of the diverse plot components dreamed up by Blake:
* A beautiful female NYC bicycle courier.
* A serial killer/body mutilator who has struck at several female bicycle couriers.
* A huge gang-related dreadlocked black man working as a bicycle courier.
* A NYC watch dealer who sells rare antique watches to a Korean diplomat for $1 million in USD cash.
* Large scale counterfeiting of USD $100 notes by a rogue Asian country.
* A greedy and unscrupulous hedge-fund operator helping that country to make billions.
* A group of Asian assassins at large in NYC.

How do they get connected?  They are put into the Russell Blake thriller-generator and chapter by chapter the plot evolves and connects.

Blake once again shows his skills in writing a satisfying thriller. Some parts are a bit gruesome but that's what you expect in this kind of thriller.

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