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09 November 2012

Monique Martin: Out of Time

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Great time travel - stupid vampire stuff
I am a great fan of "Back to the Future" and this book is a bit along those lines with accidental time travel linked to an ancient watch. But the full-moon link to the time vortex was more than far fetched.

Professor Simon Cross and his assistant Elizabeth spend their academic lives searching for evidence of vampires. When they are accidentally transported to Manhattan in the 1920's they are thrown together in an interesting adventure that unlocks an emotional and physical attachment that was repressed in modern times. I really enjoyed how Monica Martin described how the couple coped with finding themselves in another time, without money, wearing the wrong clothes and not understanding the culture of the time.

What really put me off this book was when an unsavoury character who sets his sights on Elizabith incidentally turns out to be a vampire and proved what they had been searching for so long. Oh dear how unbelievable and stupid.

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