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24 November 2012

Christopher Smith: Bullied #1

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A magic solution to bullying
This first novella of a series of 4 introduces us to Seth, who is nearly 18 years old living with drunken parents in a trailer park, with no self respect or confidence because he has been emotionally and physically bullied all of his school life. When he starts his last year at school an old man at the park gives him an amulet necklace containing a piece of human bone and tells him that, used properly, the magic powers of amulet will help him to counter bullying and create a better life. The old man warns Seth to be careful as the powers of the amulet could cause harm to others as well as to himself.

Seth's first day of school is dramatic as he explores how to use the power of the amulet to counter both bullying students of both sexes and the disinterest of  his teachers. For the first time Seth finds some self confidence and as a result makes a couple of friends, Alex and Jennifer, who look set to support and follow him. The novella ends dramatically in a way that opens the way for vengeance down the track.

Most of us will have experienced some kind of emotional or physical bullying during our school days and will identify in some way to the extreme bullying and the bullies that Seth faces. With the power of the amulet as a great plot opener Christopher Smith introduces us to the roller coaster ride that converts a downtrodden youth into a powerful and vengeful person. While I am not a fantasy person the idea is an interesting one and I will go along with the ride, at least for the next novella. The latter 2 novellas appear to tend to the supernatural and I will pass judgement when I get there.

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