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08 October 2012

Russell Blake: JET (International Action / Adventure Thriller)

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Fast action kick-ass escapism
If you like action-packed escapism without a reality check then this book has everything for you. Russell Blake introduces us to a beautiful but dangerous female assassin (Mossad operative name Jet). She can be the focus of all eyes a Monte Carlo Casino, but in an instant can act like a viper and kill at the drop of a hat using guns, knives, bombs and even her own hands.

In the prologue Russell Blake explains that this is pure escapism and he has only used Mossad and the CIA for scene setting. He has written this book in roller coaster mode from one exciting action scene to another. If you like your action fast and furious this is the book for you - Moscow Mafia, guns and knives, assassinations and torture, bribery and corruption in high places, bombs and explosions etc, etc. etc. - all in ever changing international settings and sometimes with a side-serving of romance.

In comparison with other escapist books I have read recently, Jet no longer has the backing of a covert organisation (like the Primal series) and most of the time is forced to act on her own. At the start of the book she has staged her own death to escape from the world of a government backed assassin but gets dragged back into danger when she is attacked by a group of hired mercenaries (of course she kills most of them).

If you like pure escapism then this is the book for you. Blake succeeds in his objective and has written a fast action kick-ass adventure introducing a deadly female hero who he promises will return in later books. I like the concept and enjoyed the book but have given it 4 stars as I do like a reality check from time to time. It will be interesting to see if he can keep up the pace in the several sequels he has planned.

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