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16 October 2012

Russell Blake: JET II - Betrayal

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Complete escapism - if you don't give it a reality check
If you like complete escapism with your action fast and furious and don't care about giving it a reality check then this book is for you.

Jet is a female assassin with superhuman killing skills - pistol, automatic weapon, knife, sharpened bamboo poll, wire garotte and even bow and arrow. She has killed more people than I have had hot dinners and shows no remorse. Remarkably she also has strong maternal feelings for the baby that was stolen from her. Also for victims of child slavery forced into prostitution in Thailand from 10 years of age.

At the start of Jet 1, I recall that Russell Blake said that Jet would not be involved directly with official agencies like the CIA and Mossad. This is not the case in this book, where the CIA has a more direct role and few of their operatives can be trusted.

Russell Blake stresses in the preface that this is a work of pure fiction. I took that approach with Jet 1 and thought that it was a good kick-ass escapist thriller. I am not so sure whether I can continue to take the same approach with the increasingly fantasy world of this female assassin in this the sequel.

I gave this book 3 stars - an OK rating by Amazon standards - on the basis that this time I didn't give it a reality check. As all other reviews so far are 5 star and in the "must read" category I seem to be out of step. Maybe I like some kind of reality check in the thrillers I read.

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