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27 September 2012

Samantha Young: On Dublin Street

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A psychological contemporary romance
Thrillers (espionage/military/legal/political) are my normal genre and I only read other genres as a sorbet between thrillers. Although my recent forays into the romance genre have been most unsatisfying because of the poor quality of the offerings, I was tempted to read "On Dublin Street" as it had so many obviously genuine high ranking reviews.

Good romance stories are much harder to write than thrillers because the plots are more limited and the actions and outcomes predictable. This time Samantha Young has come up with an interesting twist in writing a contemporary romance where both (and I mean both) major characters have serious personal psychological problems. Joss has serious problems dating back to the loss of all of her loving family in a car crash when she was young which she has hidden from everybody, including herself. Braden's problems are basically immaturity and an overdose of testosterone.

Samantha takes us carefully through Joss's problems and cashes in on the testosterone issue with some steamy scenes (well written but there really is a limit to the sexual scenarios before things become boring). I empathised with Joss but had little time for Braden until towards the end.

All in all Samantha Young has written an entertaining and thoughtful contemporary romance. I gave it 3.5 stars and rounded it up to 4 stars.

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