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05 September 2012

Lee Child: A Wanted Man: (Jack Reacher 17)

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Jack Reacher theme may be running out of steam
Lee Child's Jack Reacher series is one of the best in the adventure novel genre. This is the 17th in the Jack Reacher series and IMHO is showing signs of running out of steam. I enjoyed The Affair because it was a prequel going back to his military days. It was a refreshing a break from the several post military Reacher books where he drifts across the USA on his own, with no fixed address and little identification.

The story started like most post military Reacher stories when he walks (or more truthfully gets a lift) into a dangerous situation. For more than half of the book this is typical post military Jack Reacher where he works out how to get out of a bad situation. In the latter half of the book the plot becomes complex, difficult to follow and almost unbelievable. Reacher has always been a super hero, but in this book he becomes a mega hero taking on and defeating 26 baddies almost on his own.

Jack Reacher fans will be pleased to know that he takes the road again at the end of the book.

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