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14 September 2012

L Ron Hubbard: Battlefield Earth

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Classic Science Fiction
If you treat this book as a completely unreal escapist science fiction romp you will love it. If you take your science fiction seriously (which I don't because I rarely read the genre) then you may find it dated and boring.

This is really a David and Goliath story to regain the world for the human race. While it is a long book I kept going because Hubbard kept that struggle going to the end.

The world has been taken over for 1,000 years by non-oxygen breathing giant and merciless Psychlos from another galaxy so they can extract and export valuable minerals. Few humans remain, living in small communities with the barest of facilities and lack of knowledge of how the human race used to be. When one of the humans (with the amazing name of Johnny Goodboy Tyler) discovers the Psychlos HQ he becomes trapped in a plot by a ruthless Psychlo named Terl to steal the mining wealth for himself.

Thus starts a David and Goliath struggle between Johnny and Terl to regain the planet. Without realising it, humble Johnny rekindles the human spirit and builds a team of human friends across the world. Before long he and his new human friends (who grew up with no education and rode horses) learn to speak the Psychlo language and are soon speeding across the planet skillfully piloting Psychlo battle planes to destroy the mines.

This is all very far fetched but surprisingly I enjoyed the (very long) romp because of the complete escapism of the plot and characters. I also enjoyed it because it was one of the early Kindle Daily Deals for 99 cents, when Amazon gave us a greater range of genre selections in the deals.

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