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07 August 2012

William Diehl: Chameleon

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Disappointing after Sharkey's Machine
After really enjoying Sharkey's Machine I was disappointed with Chameleon. I read somewhere that some of Diehl's books were great and others not so great - IMHO Chameleon was not one of his best.

The first few chapters looked pretty good but after that the plot became devious, frequently unbelievable and difficult to follow. There were scenes and characters that didn't add to the plot, and baddies turned out to be goodies and goodies turned out to be baddies. The technology part of the story has dated a lot as things have changed greatly since Diehl wrote the book in the 1970's or 1980's.

William Diehl had a reputation as an excellent thriller writer and it is great that his estate is releasing most of his books in Kindle format. They do need to fix the editing where every paragraph has an extra line break which makes it hard to follow the story.

I still have a couple of Diehl's books to read and hope that they get better.

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