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29 July 2012

Patricia Paris: This Time Forever (Glebe Point)

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Romance novels are harder to write than thrillers because the characters and the plot must be believable. This one failed on both scores.

Delaney was a very modern girl but a 20-something virgin (almost unbelievable). Blake was at times a loving guy and at others a bit of a monster. Given his character, his intense feelings as a single unattached guy for his unknown child are hard to comprehend.

His demand to take the child on his own without any understanding of the child's feelings and his lack experience of child care is unbelievable and stupid.  The child was willed to Delaney by the mother so it is incredible that nothing was said of legal rights to the child or even proof of paternity (other than something like "Ben looks so like his father.")

The romantic chemistry between Delaney and Blake is puzzling and there really is no emotional feeling from their relationship  which changes from page to page.

If the book had been put together better  and the other character and legal issues covered improved the book might have been a more satisfying read. I find it difficult to understand the plethora of 5 star reviews. Given these issues the best that I can give it is 2 stars.

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