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13 July 2012

Pat Riley: Executive Deception

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A great thriller - pure escapism with a really funny ending
This is complete escapism that is well worth reading. Sit back and enjoy this well written, page-turning, chilling but eventually extremely funny thriller.

Brian O'Brien, a Miami police sergeant and former life saver, rescues a man and his daughter when their car runs into a canal. O'Brien's life is changed when he becomes an instant hero and finds that the man he rescues may soon become the next president of Columbia.

What he doesn't know is that the accident was a failed assassination attempt by black forces in the US government who will stop at nothing to achieve their aims. O'Brien is soon set up on false charges and imprisoned for drug offences.

His lawyer and others who believe in his innocence help him to fight back. O'Brien's revenge on the hidden black forces inside the top of the US government is one of the cleverest and most amusing endings to any thriller that I have read.

This is a first novel and I look forward to enjoying more books by this author.

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