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04 July 2012

Melissa F Miller: Irretrievably Broken (Sasha McCandless #3)

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Disapointing compared with earlier Sasha McCandless adventures
Melissa F Miller's previous books showed great promise of developing Sasha McCandless into one of the better legal heroines around. After this book I felt disappointed that Sasha had not gained strength of character from her previous adventures, both legal and personally. At the end I didn't know where the character was heading.

Sasha McCandless is a skilled female lawyer who in previous books was able to face up to and overcome a range of legal and personal challenges. I had expected that this experience would have matured her character into a confident independent legal operator with the strength to choose her battles where she had the ability to stand on her own feet.

In this case, while she has limited experience of criminal law she allows her powerful former bosses to lure her into taking on a major homicide defence. The case is shonky and far fetched from the beginning and becomes more far fetched as the story progresses.

In previous books Sasha was helped by and became romantically involved with Leo Connelly, a Federal Aviation Marshal, who not only gave her personal support but used his investigative skills and clout to help her solve her cases. This time Sasha operates on her own because she was unable or prepared to make a commitment to this special relationship.

The ending was hurried and there were several evidence issues that were not fully explained. Without giving a spoiler, I believe that there was one very serious legal issue left outstanding at the end that should have been addressed.

While this was easy and well written it was not a memorable book. I was going to give it 3 stars but when I started wondering if my interest in reading further books in the series might be "Irretrievably Broken" I could only give it 2 stars.

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