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10 June 2012

Jack Silkstone: PRIMAL Vengeance

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PRIMAL Unleashed with a Vengeance!
This is a no holds barred action thriller that pulls no punches. It is full of plot-related violence and is not for the faint hearted. Sit back and enjoy a fast paced action-filled fantasy ride about the adventures of a "Robin Hood" group that steps in to solve major problems when there is no help around from other sources.

PRIMAL Unleashed started the series about the PRIMAL group of privately funded military, logistics, and communications specialists from many countries  and backgrounds who come together to solve otherwise insoluble problems throughout the world. It was always going to be hard for Jack Silkstone to write a sequel to match the original, but to a considerable extent I think that he has succeeded.

This time Silkstone chooses an area of recent conflict, Sudan and the recently independent South Sudan, where a bloody tribal war has been sponsored by the Chinese interests to help them gain control of vast oil reserves in South Sudan. All of the major characters are larger than life but mostly believable. Your old favourites from Unleashed are there - Aden (with his casual Australian approach), Mirza the skilled former Indian Special Services operative, and the beautiful but dangerous Saneh, a former Iranian Intelligence officer.

PRIMAL sets out to help the local tribal militia of a South Sudanese area close to the border to fight back against the fearsome Chinese suported Janjaweed militia from the north. In a small village in South Sudan we meet Tess, an American Doctor at a primitive local health facility, Garang, a former American soldier born in Sudan and Jonjo, a local teenager who has known local violence all of his life.

I enjoyed the first book so one clicked immediately I knew that the sequel had been released.

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