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20 June 2012

Connie Brockway: The Other Guy's Bride

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One star for an imaginative plot
A romantic adventure must have a good plot - but this one was so far out of this world I had to give it one star for imagination.

Mildred Whimpelhall (what a name), a very ordinary aristocratic spinster is travelling to Egypt to get married to much older Colonel Lord Pomfrey. Unfortunately Pomfrey is holed up in an outpost the Egyptian desert.  So he asks American soldier of fortune and family outcast Jim Owens (who Pomfrey thinks is a scoundrel and really doesn't trust) to escort his "bride" to the fort through hostile territory.

Ginesse Braxton, banished by her Egyptologist parents to boarding school in England for being too free spirited, is returning home to Egypt by ship when she befriends poor seasick Mildred. When Mildred leaves the ship in Rome to journey on by land, Ginesse takes over Mildred's identity so that she can go to an ancient Egyptian site near to the Colonel's outpost without her parents' knowledge.

Just think of what can happen if Jim and Ginesse lose their escort in the desert and have to ride on a camel together or, even more romantically, share a tender moment while sheltering in a cave during a sandstorm. You just have to read the book to see what happens - the mind boggles in anticipation.

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