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19 May 2012

Sydney Bauer: The 3rd Victim

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Her latest but not her best
I have read all of Sydney Bauer's earlier books and thoroughly enjoyed them. Although Bauer is Australian, her books are set in Boston and feature a young and very smart defense attorney David Cavanaugh who with the help of his friends (including a local homicide detective) solves and wins otherwise unwinnable cases.

Bauer's background in production of crime TV series has helped her write exciting and page turning legal practice stories where it is difficult to guess how things will go until the last few pages. This book continues to display Bauer's writing and character skills, but this time the finale is a bit too far fetched for my imagination.

Bauer will remain on my favourite author list and I hope that the finale of her next book in the David Cavanaugh series is more believable than this one.

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