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19 May 2012

S Eric Wachtel: The Esseene Conspiracy

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A Dan Brown conspiracy in a Jewish Setting
I enjoyed this book but I really don't know why. It is essentially a Dan Brown secret society theme in a Jewish setting - and I am not a fan of Dan Brown or secret society themes. It was not really a page turner because the author described the Jewish religious background in excessive detail.

Probably I enjoyed it because I like stories about Israel where the history and current day situation are real life adventure stories. Some of my favourite novels have an Israeli  background - Exodus (Leon Uris), The Power and The Glory (Herman Wouk) and the Daniel Silva (the Gabriel Allon series) - all of which are in another league to this book.

The plot is basically about an extreme orthodox Jewish sect (the Essene group) with links that go back centuries that wants to restore Israel to its former religious glory. To do this they need lots of money, which they acquire through stock market manipulation in the US, and money laundering and smuggling.

I still don't really know why I liked the book - but I suggest you read it and see what you think.

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