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07 April 2012

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Clever debut novel but not outstanding
This book came with a wide range of good reviews and I kept asking myself if I was missing something as I found most of the book was tedious and I nearly gave up reading it.

This is a personal psychological Groundhog Day story about a woman, Christine, who has a serious brain injury where her memories disappear every time she falls asleep. She has has woken up for over 15 years up not knowing who or where she is. Her husband has to tell her each morning the basic facts about who she is and what has happened.

Unknown to her husband, a psychiatrist takes a personal interest in her case and encourages her to write a daily journal so that she can keep track of her memories and experiences each day. As the journal develops she tries to make sense of conflicting evidence and discovers the web of lies surrounding her background and memories.

I was frustrated in the early chapters that Christine was not able to piece together things quicker and start to take some action. I was even more frustrated that the psychiatrist was not able to see what was happening and help her more. The book only came to life in the last few chapters when reality started to cut in. The finale was not that exciting or satisfying.

S J Watson is a capable writer but probably chose a too challenging and complex psychological plot for his first novel.

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