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31 March 2012

Joel Goldman: Cold Truth

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Another good legal thriller from Joel Goodman
This is the third legal thriller by Joel Goldman that I have really enjoyed. Lou (not Perry) Mason is a criminal defence lawyer whose gets personally involved in finding out the real truth behind the cases he defends.

In this book Lou is hired to defend a young woman with psychological problems who confesses that she pushed her therapist out of a fourth story window. Lou doesn't believe her confession and his views are confirmed when when someone tries to murder him when he tries to find the truth.

With the help of a great team of friends from legal and police backgrounds, Lou's investigations uncover drug trafficking, babies sold for adoption, illegal charitable donations, and blackmail. As always Lou gets involved in a lot of personal and dangerous action in finding the truth, including being kidnapped a nearly murdered (again). The plot is complex and detailed and can keep you guessing to the action packed ending.

While all of this is happening Lou builds up a long term romantic relationship with a beautiful and intelligent blind date who believes that his client may be the daughter that she gave up for adoption twenty years ago.

Why spend 4 or 5 times the price on John Grisham when you can read a good legal thrillers from Joel Goldman in the Lou Mason series.

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