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11 March 2012

Joel Goldman: The Last Witness

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Another knockout legal thriller from Joel Goldman
Joel Goldman's Lou Mason series of legal/criminal thrillers are great reads.  His books have been compared to John Grisham and Michael Connelly's Mickey Haller, but they are more than good enough to stand out on their own. It is even better news that they they are all affordable Indie e-book publications.

Last Witness is Joel Goldman's second legal thriller featuring attorney Lou Mason (not Perry Mason!).  It is a fast paced, page-turner mystery thriller with a legal/criminal background.

Lou Mason has left the law firm which imploded during Motion to Kill, and has set up on his own in an office above a jazz bar owned by his good friend Blues. One evening Blues gets into a fight in the bar with an unscrupulous lawyer. Shortly afterwards the lawyer is found murdered at his home and Blues is arrested for the murder because his fingerprints are found at the crime scene.

Lou takes on Blues's defence, which is difficult because the lead Homicide Detective Harry Ryman is also a great friend of Lou's. It is made more difficult because Ryman has a long term hatred of Blues from the time he was his partner in the police.

In  defending Blues, Lou has to find the murderer amid a complex mesh of corruption involving a casino operator, the attractive head of the Casino Control Commission and the Mayor of Kansas City and his helpers.

The plot is well crafted, fast moving and rewarding with plenty of action and thrills and an unexpected ending. It well deserves a 5 star rating.

Lou Mason is a great new character who features in several later books, which I am looking forward to reading.

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