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14 February 2012

Peter Watt: The Stone Dragon

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An amazing historical adventure during the Boxer Rebellion
What is the connection between Australia and China at the time of the Boxer Rebellion at the start of the 20th Century?  In this book Peter Watt explores the relationship between the different worlds of Chinese immigrants who had become Queenslanders who are visiting China and those of native Chinese during the Rebellion. Peter Watt departs from his normal genre of books based in Australia and Papua with a gripping stand-alone tale of rebellion, and survival during that tumultuous time in China. This book shows off Peter's great storytelling skills, and his great affinity to the diverse cultural history of Australia.

I have read most if not all of Peter Watt's books (mostly in print format before I got my Kindle) and enjoyed them all. While I loved all of Peter's books about Australia and Papua, I really liked this book because it was different and gave me a better knowledge a major event in history that I did not know much about. It is a great adventure story, based on the loyalty and love of the main characters.

Peter is one of my favourite Australian authors. He is a natural storyteller and has written 12 great family historical adventures set in of Australia, Papua, China and even Russia.  On his website Peter describes his approach as "putting a human face" on the history of Australia and Papua New Guinea. He has been described in many places as Australia's Wilbur Smith.

I would recommend all of Peter Watt's books, especially the Frontier Series and the Papua Trilogy. I suggest you start reading the first books in both series - I am sure you will be keen to read the later books. Peter has written a few stand-alone books and IMHO this one is the best.

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