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14 February 2012

Peter Watt: The Pacific

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A compelling novel about the war in the Pacific on Australia's doorstep
Peter Watt has written another stunning story to complete his Papua Trilogy. This sweeping saga continues the story of the Kellys and Manns, where these much loved families (from "Papua" and "Eden") do everything in their power to protect their country and their loved ones during the occupation of part of Papua by Japanese invaders. They are involved in one of the most devastating conflicts in history on Australia's back-door step.

Jack Kelly, who fought in the Great War (Papua) is leading a small group of native fighters and his son Lukas is delivering supplies by sea to troops fighting in Japanese occupied territory. When they hear that Jack's daughter from an extra-marital affair (Ilsa Stahl, now an American War Correspondent) has been captured by the Japanese they will stop at nothing to try to save her. Other characters and family members from "Eden" are also involved in the conflict.

This book can be read alone but to really appreciate full scope of this great historical action family saga you should read the 2 previous books in the trilogy.

Peter is one of my favourite Australian authors and is one of Australia's best story tellers. He has written 12 great family historical adventures set in Australia, Papua, China and even Russia.  I have read most if not all of his books and enjoyed them all.

On his website Peter describes his approach as "putting a human face" on the history of Australia and Papua New Guinea. He has been described in many places as Australia's Wilbur Smith.

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