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12 February 2012

Judy Nunn: Tiger Men

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Another great Australian historical saga from Judy Nunn
Tiger Men is a sweeping saga of exciting days in the formation of Tasmania, from the penal colony of Van Diemen's land to the colony of Tasmania and the birth of the Australian Federation. It is told through the lives and adventures of several Tasmanian families who lived through this golden era of Tasmania's march to maturity, and their aspirations and achievements in building a modern Tasmania.

The Tiger Men theme describes an era when men were out for what they could get from a new and remote country - a place at the bottom of the world where God turned a blind eye to pillage and plunder.

Judy has once again written a book that is not only a great yarn, but also gives us a great understanding of the history of the time. It starts with the criminals and villains who haunted the dockside taverns and brothels of Sullivan's Cove, Hobart Town and concludes with the pride of the Tasmanian people as they watch their sons marched off to fight for King and Country in The Great War that cost so many lives so far away.

I have read several of Judy's books, including Pacific and Maralinga (her best book in my opinion). Some of us remember Judy's successful decades as a TV actor, from The Box in the 60's to 12 years in Home and Away. Her achievement in becoming a successful and respected novelist at the end of her acting career is astounding.

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